Extending Our Kuleana Through Financial Support

At AlohaCare, we believe it is our kuleana, or responsibility, to serve as stewards for the betterment of our larger community. Our Imua Loa community giving program offers financial support to individuals and organizations who share our vision for a healthier Hawaii.

The creation of Imua Loa is deeply rooted in our corporate culture of aloha and compassion. Its purpose is guided by our founders who chose our name and set the path before us. 

We know it will take many hands to strengthen the fragile safety net so Hawaii’s families have the tools and resources they need to live healthy lives. Through Imua Loa, AlohaCare is able to provide grants, sponsorships, charitable donations and scholarships for providers, non-profits and initiatives centered around health and well-being.

Our organizational culture of giving back has helped community organizations and health care providers bring innovative and essential services to our friends and neighbors. In 2021, our reinvestment in our local community exceeded $800,000.

As Hawaii’s most vulnerable continue to recover from the effects of the pandemic, we are looking for even more ways to elevate the health of all who call Hawaii home. Let’s move our communities toward wellness together.

The application period will start January 2023. If you have any questions please contact us.

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Applications for the Following Categories of Financial Support Begin in 2023